At the Chelsfield Equestrian Centre, Bromley BR6 7SN. Meeting point will be delivered to participants



A way over which the public has a right of way on horseback or leading a horse, with or without a right to drive animals along the way.


The London Borough of Bromley has the largest area of countryside in the capital and the largest number of horses. Throughout this rural landscapes is a network of ancient highways, public footpaths, permissive routes and Bridleways intended for a variety of users. These trails are all marked with particular signs, infrastructures and rural interventions allowing access to some users and denying access to others.

As part of the New Landscapes Institute’s research for The Right of Way, this ride will provide an opportunity to conduct fieldwork and enjoy the benefits of the Bridleways on horseback. Participants will hear from a variety of speakers about the battles to keep these trails open and maintained in the face of growing urbanisation.  The ride will begin a dialogue into contested public and private lands, the commons and changing farming practices.

Invited speakers include The Bromley Bridleways Action Group, local historians and riders. 

Places strictly limited! Book in advance.

Along the Bridleway – On Horseback

Bridleway Keston Common, 2016

Along the Bridleway – On Horseback

Kissing Gate, Kent, 2016

Along the Bridleway – On Horseback

New Landscapes Institute, On The Road