Omer Eltigani, chef and founder of The Sudanese Kitchen, has spent the last few years compiling recipes to make a cookbook and fill the current shortage of Sudanese food in the London food scene. Growing up in Khartoum, the capital city of North Sudan, Eltigani is committed to preserving his strong cultural ties to the country by compiling Sudanese recipes, facts and stories to aid cultural understanding of the country. The Sudanese Kitchen is a cookbook project that preserves recipes passed down through generations and shares them to a wider audience; objectively educates the reader on the Sudan, its cuisine and cultures; appreciates Sudanese women for tirelessly making these delicious meals and supports their fight for equality. The theme that persists throughout the project is the unique nature of Sudanese cooking, which Eltigani shows as full of love, community and individuality. Meals are tailored to personal taste and preference, including optional instructions for many recipes.